The Concept

A Reality-Based Live Performance Production

Troysgate's Experiential Learning Methodology (TELM) is an effective, rapid and cumulative learning process that excels the Operator's performance through the application of knowledge, conceptual understanding, judgment and decision making, communication, human interaction and the ability to quickly assess and respond to the rapid dynamics of real world situations, and especially those situations that may escalate into deadly conflict.

The Production

The Stage, Cast & Crew

Troysgate's Weapons Firing Range System and Apparatus Employing Reflected Imagery is patented comprising products and methods, referred to as the Troysgate Theater, provide a safe and controlled live-fire environment that serve as the stage and backdrop for conducting live performances with unlimited applications and possibilities. Each production is carefully constructed and orchestrated placing the Operator center stage in the leading role with real actors in supporting roles as the role players. The instructor/trainer, RSO, role players, safety, operational and technical personnel work together as a team to closely monitor and provide direction and support to produce a realistic, high intensity production that challenges the performance of the Operator and provides a lasting, meaningful and personal life changing experience.

The Realism

Live-Fire Deadly Engagements at Close Quarters

Most productions are performed at very close quarters of three to nine feet which makes it very real, intimate and personal for the Operator. Unmodified live-fire weapons with live ammunition strongly establish the lethality and responsibility of the decisions and actions of the Operator. Each production scenario and performance by the role players are intense, action packed and filled with suspense and unpredictibility. The realism, uncertainty and rapid dynamics of the performances are developed and created from highly challenging reality based situations and scenarios that induce and dramatically elevate the Operator's stress levels and adrenline which trigger emotional, psychological and physiological effects and the natural human instinct of "fight or flight" for survival that the Operator must attempt to overcome to successfully assess, manage and respond accordingly.

The Experience

The Operator's Edge

Every production advances the Operator's performance to become increasingly better at situational assessment, judgment and decision making, human interaction and communication, stress management, and response to actions and reactions. Through the Operator's performances and interactions with role players, he/she gains valuable experience, conditioning and confidence, and equally as important establishes and commits the events and details from these experiences to memory which may later serve him/her in the event of an actual deadly encounter situation. For the Operator, the Troysgate Theater will most likely be his/her first encounter and experience in deadly conflict.

The Goal

Winning Combination

The Troysgate Theater challenges the Operator to achieve and sustain superior performance levels that leaves no doubt that he/she is absolutely prepared and Combat Ready to best ensure successful mission outcomes and survivability in combat and deadly conflict situations. The conditioned Operator is able to successfully manage high stress, volatile situations that may rapidly escalate into deadly conflict and to quickly apply rules of engagement and the decision to engage using lethal force when it is applicable and justified. Operator mental and response conditioning provided by Troysgate Theater training show improved situational assessment, decision making, engagement and response, and precision weapons fire with the potential for fewer chances and occurences of accidental or wrongful injuries, deaths and other collateral damages when faced with similar situations in the real world.

The Warrior Reset

A Way Back from a Deadly Encounter

The adverse impacts, effects and repercussions from deadly conflict can be extremely detrimental and damaging to the Operator. If their situation is not assessed quickly and addressed properly, the Operator may have significant trouble adjusting, coping and getting back into a normal, productive way of life. The Troysgate Theater allows the Operator to gradually work through complex issues from his/her deadly encounter event and acts as a "reset" to re-establish that which is normal for the Operator. The "Operator Reset" helps to assure that he/she is able to be re-deployed and ready to return back into the mainstream.


Proof of Concept (Remastered 3/12/17)

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Troysgate Theater Anatomy

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Evolution of Training

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Concept Applications & Models

Troysgate Facility at Lenoir, North Carolina

Concept Models

Ft McCoy, Wisconsin - Range Facility Retro Fit

Troysgate Theater Systems

highly specialized & customized training environment

Troysgate is the exclusive provider of the Troysgate Theater incorporating a patented live-fire system, apparatus and training methodology into a unique and effective training environment for addressing realistic deadly conflict sitautions in real time using role players. Our systems have been carefully designed, developed, integrated together and thoroughly tested through ongoing Troysgate R&D efforts at our facility in North Carolina. After Action Review (AAR) and Hit Detection (HDT) instrumentation systems have been designed and developed exclusively for Troysgate. Purchasing through Troysgate and our partners guarantees the purchase and delivery of original, high quality Troysgate products and services.

Troysgate Theater Systems Brochure (2017) - PDF
Troysgate Theater Systems Diagrams (2017) - PDF

We offer customized systems to accommodate client customer specifications and requirements that address a wide range of applications with unlimited possibilities. We work closely with the client customer to identify and match up the right customized theater system and options to the specifications, requirements and applications.

Troysgate Theater Containerized Systems

Modular / Portable & Configurable CONEX Containers

Troysgate is moving away from the conventional shoot house design and implementation of our products and end-user training applications driven by customer client specifications and requirements for tactical uses and applications of the system. Using high quality 20 and 40 foot commercial containers, Troysgate is able to customized and provide a live-fire tactical environment that provides ballistic containment using AR-500 steel and high grade ballistic rubber. The use of containers allows flexibility in the design and application possibilities while providing a standardized and consistent manufacturing process that meets and achieves Troysgate's product design, safety and quality standards. Containers do not require extensive site preparation, and the delivery and installation can be accomplished quickly using a commercial forklift or crane. The modular design and implementation means the environment can be set up quickly and implemented almost immediately. As client customer specifications, requirements and applications change, additional container(s) can be easily integrated into an existing Troysgate Theater Container system or systems.

Container Diagrams

Select picture for enlarged view.


Standard implementation

• Container Configuration: 2 or 3 - 20 & 40 foot containers
• Live-Fire Engagement (LFE) Container - complete ballistic containment (AR-500 steel and ballistic rubber panels - PDF)
• Hot Wall Container - ballistic rubber bullet trap (AR-500 steel and ballistic rubber blocks - PDF)
• Role Player Container - non-ballistic containment
• Exterior Entrances
• Proprietary Reflective Screens - Level 2 Handgun or Level 5 Rifle Rated
• After Action Review (AAR) and Hit Detection (HDT) Instrumentation Systems
• Ventilation System
• Emergency Trauma Kit & AED Equipment
• Safety Barricades & Safety Mats
• Intercom or Hand-Held Walkie Talkies
• Certified Instructor (Director) Training
• Licensing

Ballistic Rubber Products

Existing Shoot House Retro Fit Considerations

Troysgate will need to discuss and evaluate client customer specifications, requirements and applications regarding any retro fit consideration. Generally, the assessment and evaluation will require a site visit to inspect the range facility. Photos of US Army range facility retro fit at Ft McCoy, WI.

Troysgate Instrumentation Systems

Integrated After Action Review & Hit Detection Sytstem with Special Effects Capabilities

Troysgate instrumentation systems capabilities include specialized After Action Review (AAR) and Hit Detection (HDT) designed and developed for Troysgate and equipment components to provide realistic simulated battlefield effects to enhance the training experience.

After Action Review (AAR)

The AAR system includes a PC workstation with dual PC monitors and HD LED 4k large screen TV monitor. The system provides multiple camera audio/video collection, recording and playback (up to 30 fps) in real-time monitoring and recorded playback in normal and slow motion speed. Ultra-low light sensitive cameras allow for HD recording and playback of video in color under normal light conditions and in black/white under the darkness of night operations. Recorded audio/video segments can be exported as a run time executable file for playback on other computer devices.

Hit Detection (HDT)

The HDT system provides the audio/video collection, recording and playback of fired shot location incorporating wireless hit detection and participant tracking solutions which do not require anything be worn by participants. The system incorporates specialized software and hardware, IR cameras, and hit sensing equipment with the reflective screen that are integrated into the AAR system which utilizes all AAR system components which are controlled through the PC workstation. Recorded audio/video segments can be played back through the PC workstation, or exported as a video file for playback on other computer devices.

Special Effects

Simulated battlefield effects capabilities which include sound generator, smoke/fog, scent/smell, weapons/IED and wave cannon are integrated into the AAR system and are controlled through the PC workstation.

Next Steps

Assisting Interested Clients

Our client markets include the US military, federal goverment, law enforcement, civilian and international. Troysgate understands that each client will have their own specifications and requirements which is why each Troysgate Theater system is customized for each client. Putting together a Troysgate Theater system is very involved. It includes many elements and components, and it takes many people working together to produce and deliver a unique and amazing system. Most of the work is handled and performed directly by Troysgate - specifications and requirements, design, manufacturing and products, delivery and installation, support and training. Troysgate will provide turn key, full operational and training support. Troysgate will train client range support staff on technical, safety and operational support of the Troysgate Theater. Troysgate will train and certify client instructors and role players that will provide client end-user training using the Troysgate Theater. Troysgate and our partners supporting Troysgate's efforts will continue to provide assistance and support to our clients.

For Assistance & Information

• Randy W. Martin
• 828-446-4766
• Lenoir, North Carolina

Request a Demo

Arrange for on-site visit at the US Army Ft McCoy, Wisconsin or Troysgate, North Carolina training facility for a demonstration to experience first-hand and learn more about Troysgate and what we offer. Ft McCoy and Troygate are the premier facilities in the United States where Troysgate can best showcase fully implemented Troysgate Theater Systems designed specifically for US military, federal goverment and law enforcement training applications.

Please send us an email and include:

• Your Name
• Email
• Business contact information

Email Us - Request a Demo   (

We will follow up by email or contact you by phone to discuss, arrange and schedule an on-site visit at the Ft McCoy, WI or Troysgate, NC training facility.

If you prefer, you may contact Randy Martin directly at 828-446-4766 (8:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time)

We look forward meeting with you.

Combat / Deadly Conflict Training

US Military - Federal Agencies - Law Enforcement

Training facilities that are able to accommodate and implement the Troysgate Theater concept and training methodology are currently limited to selected locations in the US - North Carolina and Wisconsin. Currently all training facilities are designed for non-tactical training applications where the operator/trainee/participant's movement is limited, confined and restricted subject to the Troysgate Theater System implementation and safety protocols.

Ft McCoy, Wisconsin

US Military, Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement

Ft McCoy, WI has a range facility shoot house that has been retro fitted with a Troysgate Theater System. The layout and configuration is very tight and provides extremely close quarters training engagements for non-tactical training applications. Training requests are handled directly by Ft McCoy, and a significant amount of lead time may be necessary and should be anticipated when arranging or scheduling training at the facility.

We are currently working with Ft McCoy to establish outside requests for Troysgate Theater System training at their facility - we will provide additional information as soon as it is available.

Troysgate Facility - Lenoir, North Carolina

US Military, Federal Agencies and Law Enforcement

Lenoir, NC is the headquarters location of Troysgate. Our extensive range facility supports a wide range of efforts and activities which include R&D, instructor/trainer certification programs, client demonstrations and training. We are the only facility that currently has multiple live-fire Troysgate Theater systems for specific applications - building entry (shoot house design), vehicle stop, very close quarter contact, guard checkpoint and sniper. The Troysgate facility is designed and focuses on military, federal agency and law enforcement training applications and hyper-reality training.

US military, federal agency and law enforcement requests for training, please contact Randy Martin directly at 828-446-4766.

Triangle Shooting Academy - Raleigh, North Carolina

Law Enforcement

Troysgate has partnered with Triangle Shooting Academy (TSA) in Raleigh, NC to provide indoor training for law enforcement using the Troysgate Theater adapted for use inside an existing shooting range facility.

Law enforcement requests for training, please contact Triangle Shooting Academy directly at 919-802-2040.

Troysgate Patents

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Training Methodology

• Method of Teaching, Training or Instruction

Reflective Screens

• Reflective Screen, Product or Material


• Firearms - Handgun, Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun

Physical Structures & Ballistic Containment

• Ballistic Containment Structure
• Non-Containment Structure
• Modification to Existing Range Facility Structure
• Modular/Portable Ballistic Containment (Ballistic Fiberglass)
• Permanent Ballistic Containment (Steel, Rubber and Concrete)