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Optimizing Human Performance Through Science & Experience

Performance Systems for Warfighter Readiness & Conditioning

Troysgate is leading the way in providing unique approaches, applications and solutions for bringing the realism of the combat "battlefield" and deadly conflict experience into the world of training. Troysgate understands the fundamentals of deadly conflict and through ongoing research and development efforts has developed a unique perspective and the specialization of knowledge, understanding and expertise regarding the science of human deadly conflict; its effects, challenges and the unavoidable issues and problems regarding deadly engagement. Our mission and quest has lead us to continue to strive to seek the truth - to determine, understand and focus on the importance and significance with respect to "The Why" associated with human deadly engagement.

From our initial concept, discovery and ability to replicate, real life, deadly conflict situations in a training environment, we came to realize the magic and forceful effects of any deadly encounter is the personal experience and profound impact of the realism and reality on the individual. The deeper we looked, the better our understanding, and the more we were are able to observe and identify the failures, limitations and deficiencies in our ability to adequately prepare our warriors for ultimate battle and exposure to combat and deadly conflict - they simply are not fully prepared. It has always been apparent to us that something has been missing, or not being addressed in training, and we came to realize each individual lacks the universal knowledge and understanding regarding deadly conflict, and the personal experience and "ownership" of the consequences of an event. Through extensive human exposure and testing, Troysgate concluded the essential missing component in the deadly conflict equation is the human mental exposure, and the ability to manage the physiological and psychological effects and conditioning that must be fulfilled to complete the training cycle in the overall preparation, optimization of human performance capabilities, and true validation of the warrior's combat readiness.

After several years of research, development and discovery, Troysgate has taken a single idea and concept, developed and finalized prototypes, established proof-of-concept, and mastered production capabilities to produce complete, turnkey, highly specialized, performance training system solutions for addressing the training challenges, practical applications and solutions, the realism and reality of the "battlefield" experience and its unique effects on the human state of mind and mental conditioning, and methods for optimizing human performance to achieve undeniable, Combat Ready, Warfighter Superiority.

We are in business to provide specialized and highly effective performance training systems, applications and solutions for the US military, federal government and law enforcement, and to provide each client with unlimited, untapped training opportunities and benefits. Our unique and innovative training system apparatus and methodology is U.S. patented #9,453,711. Troysgate Theater Systems are custom designed, developed and built according to each client training specifications and requirements to accomplish specific goals and objectives. Our performance systems include the integration of custom designed structures, specialized proprietary components, instrumentation systems and training methods. We design and build to suit the particular needs of the client and work with specialized builders and vendors to build/construct whatever training environment is needed. Troysgate individually trains and certifies only the best personnel that are highly qualified and experienced instructors and trainers to support client Troysgate Theater Systems implementation of training.


Troysgate Patents

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Effective September 27, 2016 - U.S. Patent 9,453,711 shall apply, or be applicable to the use of any environment, structure, weapon, product, material and/or method "For Use" under as stated, described, referred, referenced and/or implied when one or more of the following are utilized in combination.

Training Methodology
Reflective Screens
Physical Structures & Ballistic Containment

The Science of the "Kill Zone" Effect

The Importance & Significance in Deadly Conflict Situations

As the warrior prepares for battle, the individual wears body armor for protection.
The managed & conditioned "Kill Zone" is the "Body Armor" of the Warrior's mental state of mind.

DISCLAIMER - The "Kill Zone" is NOT about killing; it is about saving lives, especially men and women that serve in the U.S. military, federal government and law enforcement. We lose too many dedicated individuals that serve to protect us because they do not have a true understanding of what they are being asked to do, and the catastrophic consequences of their decisions and actions when involved in deadly conflict. We refer to the term "Kill Zone" and the complex science behind it as the mental state of mind where the individual enters involuntarily and subconsciously at the onset of deadly conflict. The tranition from an individual's rational to "Kill Zone" state of mind is unavoidable and an automatic human defense mechanism for survival and self-preservation. We encourage anyone to continue to read and learn about it, and to contact us if your interests are with the U.S. military, federal government and law enforcement.

The precursor of deadly engagement is the mental state that an individual enters into as a result of the escalation of an eminent deadly threat condition or situation where the individual becomes actively engaged with one or more individuals is referred to as the "Kill Zone."

The "Kill Zone" sets up the final countdown sequence as the human body completes final preparation to actively and aggressively defend itself from serious bodily harm or death. The "Kill Zone" is the critical transition or bridge between the point where the individual is first aware of self-preservation and the Fight-or-Flight response of survival.

The "Kill Zone" mental state can be deadly for the warrior...
Left un-managed, it can effectively strip away critical capabilities leaving the warrior vulnerable against the enemy.

Troysgate Theater Systems...The "Holy Grail"

of Performance Training for Combat & Deadly Conflict

The importance and significance of the transition into the "Kill Zone" is it offers untapped training opportunities and benefits. Troysgate Theater Systems and training methods provide the trainee with the opportunity and ability to actively manage, manipulate and exploit his/her own "Kill Zone" state of mind to become conditioned against the adverse effects of the natural human survival response. When the "Kill Zone" state of mind has been mastered, a superior conditioned, fined tuned, effective and efficient warrior emerges that is validated and undeniably Combat Ready.

Understanding The "Kill Zone"

An Individual's "CODE RED" Response

We first must establish a common understanding of human behavior and survival, before addressing the "Kill Zone." We will use Wikipedia as a general source for the following information:

A simplistic view and basic understanding of self-preservation and the fight-or-flight response is our natural instinct for survival. By design our survival instinct and fight-or-flight response is a fail safe response that has been "hard-wired" at the onset of the creation of human life. As we experience life, we experience and learn from things that cause, or may cause pain, or that we are fearful and afraid. Through our life experiences we learn to manage fear and avoid things that will cause us pain. When we examine the science of everything that occurs within the human body under the right situation and circumstance, our natural instinct for survival creates an instantaneous response or action that will be automatic, subconcious and involuntary based on an immediate chain reaction and series of complex events occuring simultaneously within the human body. A good example is our normal reaction when we accidently touch something that is very hot - we automatically pull away without conscious thought as a mechanism of self-preservation.

The Warrior Paradigm

The U.S. Military & Law Enforcement

There are several professions where the nature of the job may place the individual in harms way. Two such professions are serving in the U.S. military and law enforcement - their missions are to protect us from foreign and domestic threats. These men and women face the real dangers of their profession in the performance of their duty. Where it is human nature to move away from danger and dangerous situations, they are trained to confront the dangerous unknown. The stakes are always high, especially when it is certain they will be required to enter directly into situations involving the enemy, or criminal element. As the soldier's or law enforcement officer's proximity to danger or a dangerous situation draws the individual closer, his or her ability to manage increasing stress levels and their effects are tested. When the right situation and circumstance escalates to a certain "flash-point" resulting in deadly engagement, the individual may be unavoidably drawn into what we refer to as the "Kill Zone."

The "Kill Zone" Effect

The Truth & Reality of Deadly Engagement

To be absolutely clear, the "Kill Zone," is not the situation nor the actions taken by an individual. The "Kill Zone" is the immediate state of mind of the individual that has been drawn into a deadly encounter situation. The soldier and law enforcement officer is taught to understand what is involved and what he or she would expect to feel and experience, and how to train and prepare for combat and deadly conflict. However, the very best that any existing training can ultimately provide and accomplish is only the preparation for an event. What is missing is the capability to replicate and expose an individual to a realistic simulated deadly encounter where he or she is able to feel and experience it as if it were actually real. The feeling and experience has only been possible in actual combat and out in the field where everything is real and the consequences are real. Troysgate has developed and is actively marketing and selling Troysgate Theater Systems specifically designed to place the trainee in safe and controlled, live-fire training environment where the training exercises and scenarios replicate realistic combat and deadly conflict situations that are so real and convincing to the trainee that we can easily take the trainee into the "Kill Zone." It is through the Troysgate patented system and training methodology that we are successful in placing the trainee in a simulated training situation where he or she enters into the "Kill Zone" and is able to feel and experience what a deadly encounter really is like. The validation of our training method is the ability to replicate the same emotional, pyschological and physiological effects the trainee would exhibit in actual deadly conflict. We have the only training solution that replicates deadly conflict, so that the trainee can be exposed to it, gain the experiences and train within the "Kill Zone" to become better at handling and responding to combat and deadly encounter situations. There are no other training systems in existence and available today that can accomplish what our training methodology and Troysgate Theater Systems are able to accomplish.

The Activated "Kill Switch"

Locked in Deadly Engagement & Survival

In combat and deadly encounter situations that quickly escalate into deadly engagement, the individual may become quickly overwhelmed by the situation and can quickly fall into survival mode. When an individual begins to fear for his or her life, the natural human instinct will focus entirely on self-preservation. As this begins to occur, the already overwhelmed individual is drawn too deep into deadly engagement and is completely "lost" in his or her survival and unable to manage the "fear" mechanism of self-preservation. When built in survival defense mechanisms reach a certain threshold, a critical and powerful second survival component is activated and unleashed deep within the recesses and isolation of the inner brain region in what we refer to as the "Kill Switch." This part of the brain receives no information other than to activate the "Kill Switch" and take full control of the entire body and commands the actions responsible for self-preservation and survival. The activation of the "Kill Switch" marks at critical milestone in deadly engagement; it is the Point of No Return where the individual will fight to his or her death, unless something else happens to change the course of the deadly event.

The "Kill Switch" is responsible for the ultimate fight response; it is the last survival effort that if unsuccessful means eminent death for the individual. The ultimate fight response will be extremely violent and can continue indefinitely. Whatever is considered non-essential to the survival effort is shutdown - the body (not the "human" individual) becomes a supercharged killing machine. Unless there is sufficient external interferrence that can effectively change the course of the outcome, it will come to an end when the threat has been stopped, or the individual has become incapacitated. In this hightened survival state the human body will do anything, even things that would seem unthinkable, unreasonable or impossible in a conscious state of mind. Since these actions are not controlled by the individual nor the conscious part of the brain where rational thinking occurs, the threat and fight for survival may continue even when the initial threat condition becomes diminished or ceases to exist. This is why during deadly engagement with a suspect where the law enforcement officer is actively fighting for survival that the suspect can be shot in the back while attempting to disengage from the deadly engagement. Unfortunately, the officer is dead locked within the "Kill Zone" state of mind where the "Kill Switch" has been turned on and cannot be turned off making it virtually impossible to consciously disengage. In most instances, this is why an individual will have no memory of the specific details of the engagement. A good analogy is looking at the combined distance/time relationships when stopping a car travelling at 200 mph. The vehicle cannot be brought to a complete stop instantaneously; it will continue to travel about 2300 feet in 12.5 before it finally comes to a complete stop. Just as any individual that is dead locked within the "Kill Zone" and the "Kill Switch" activated will require a significant period of time under the best possible conditions before the body can shutdown the violent actions of survival and return to a conscious, normal state where the "human" individual can resume full control.

Managing the "Kill Zone - Kill Switch"

Replicating Realistic Deadly Conflict Situations in Training

Until the development of the Troysgate Theater Systems, there has been no type of training in existence capable of:

  1.  Replicating realistic deadly conflict situations that are perceived as real, believable and convincing to an individual,
  2.  Drawing an individual into the "Kill Zone" mental state,
  3.  Reproducing the same physiological and pyschological effects that an individual would experience in actual combat or deadly conflict, and
  4.  Triggering survival defense mechanisms that are sufficient to reach within the deep recesses of the inner brain region and activate the "Kill Switch."

A viable training solution must have the capability to accomplish at least the first three (3) of these conditions simultaneously. Troysgate is able to acheive all four (4) conditions which would seem impossible and unheard of in simulated training. Only when these conditions can be acheived in training are the hidden secrets to deadly engagement revealed and realized. Through the understanding of the importance and the relationships regarding these conditions can effective training solutions and training programs be developed and implemented for deadly conflict training. Without the capability to take an individual into the "Kill Zone," the individual would never have the opportunity to really understand what a deadly encounter really is or know how he/she would react. With Troysgate Theater Systems, the ability to enter into the "Kill Zone" provides valuable training challenges where the individual is able to test his/her limits and capabilities, and learn to manage the effects of deadly engagement and to push their limits to the threshold point to prevent turning on the "Kill Switch." The level of training that can be accomplished with Troysgate Theater Systems is endless with unlimited training applications and solutions that will continue to provide the individual with valuable deadly conflict exposures and experiences, so that the "warrior within" can advance and sustain superior mental and response conditioning that will serve the individual out in the field under the most challenging situations.

Troysgate Theater Systems Solutions

Specialized & Customized Performance Training Environment

Performance System Solutions   |   Instrumentation   |   Troysgate Performance Systems Booklet (PDF)

Troysgate offers a unique approach and methodology to a wide range of performance training applications and solutions that address existing and future training requirements.

Field Ready... Deployment Ready... COMBAT READY & Conditioned!

Troysgate's patented live-fire system apparatus and methodology and our ability to design and develop unique performance training solutions are what separates us from all other training methods, systems, simulators and simulated training. Troysgate Theater Systems are unique and highly effective deadly conflict performance training solutions. They offer and provide a wide range of training applications with unlimited possibilities, and can be easily customized to meet specific specifications and requirements. Our systems have been carefully designed, developed and thoroughly tested at our Troysgate R&D facility in North Carolina by members of the U.S. military, federal government and law enforcement.

Our theater systems solutions are very simplistic and straightforward; however, what may appear or seem obvious, is not. Troysgate Theater Systems must be seen and experienced, first hand, by the decision makers in order to be fully recognized and validated as a necessary training solution with unlimited possibilities and a tremendous value that no other training system is capable of offering, providing and acheiving. We believe our theater systems and training methodology are ideally suited to fill training gaps that exist in combat and deadly conflict training.

Challenges of Deadly Conflict Training

Replicating Realistic Live-Fire Deadly Encounter Situations

The training challenges for being prepared and ready for combat deployment are endless and forever changing. Any training program or training system is only as effective as the capability of the training environment and the intended goals and objectives. When it comes to training, what has elluded and limited any training solution has been the inability to replicate realistic deadly conflict.

What are the advantages of Troysgate Theater Systems?
Troysgate Theater Systems:
  • Provide a complete training solution environment.
  • Are available as permanent, semi-permanent, modular, prefab and mobile/portable theater systems.
  • Can be configured to meet and accommodate a wide-range of training applications and solutions.
  • Offer unlimited realistic training scenarios and situations with shoot / no shoot outcomes.
  • Provide complete ballistic containment (AR-500 steel and ballistic rubber) capability that does not require additional ballistic measures.
  • Modular, prefab and mobile/portable theater systems can be transported and implemented anywhere and in any environment.
  • Enable rapid deployment capability with low/minimal maintenance and support.
  • Condition the trainee for deadly conflict with absolute maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Show early field results of threat elimination without secondary collateral damages and unintended consequences.
  • Appear to offer some level of conditioning against PTSD and related issues related to combat/deadly encounter experiences.
  • Standard configurations are designed to accommodate up to 4 trainees simultaneously.
How realistic are Troysgate Theater Systems?
Troysgate Theater Systems:
  • Have a unique design that immediately draws the trainee into a realistic, live, real-time training scenarios.
  • Place the trainee in very close quarters (as close as 3 feet) of an actual human role player.
  • Create the realistic and convincing illusion of face-to-face deadly engagements at close quarters.
  • Permit the use of unmodified duty weapons and ammunition (handgun and rifle up to .50 cal)
  • Replicate the trainee's physiological and psychological effects he/she would experience in actual combat/deadly conflict.
  • Rely on the dynamic and unpredictable actions and reponses of the role player which cannot be second guessed or "gamed."

Trainability Requirements

Meeting Program and Transitional Requirements

Troysgate Theater Systems are the only training solutions on the market that replicate realistic and convincing combat situations and scenarios. Our theater systems and training methods build a strong case as alternatives and intermediate transtions to US military training requirements and solutions expected by 2025.

Troysgate Theater Systems appear to be "on-target" regarding several of the U.S. Army future forces focus areas, and address, meet and support several trainability requirements within the:

  • Huachuca Training and Support Contract (HTASC)
  • Enterprise Training Service Contract (ETSC)
  • Life Cycle Product-line Management (LCPM)

Troysgate Performance Systems

Military-Grade Performance Training Solutions

Troysgate Close Encounter Theater Systems are permanent high-end range systems designed, developed and customized by Troysgate and a leading US range systems manufacturer to meet U.S. military and federal government specifications and requirements. This system typically is a 32 ft x 32 ft permanent structure constructed on a 40 ft x 40 ft concrete slab. The design layout includes staging and training area, AAR instrumentation and debriefing room and storage area. By design our permanent theater systems are open top structures with metal roof canopy to provide natural air flow ventilation. Each theater system is custom designed and built according to client specifications and requirements to meet specific training objectives and applications.
More Information Available - Troysgate Performance Systems Booklet (PDF)

Troysgate Performance Systems Concept CAD Drawings

Troysgate Permanent Theater Systems Features
  • Concrete Slab Foundation 40-ft x 40-ft
  • Theater System Structure 32-ft x 32-ft x 8-ft
  • Detached Metal Canopy 40-ft x 40-ft x 12-14-ft Pitched Roof
  • Opened Top Design for Natural Air Flow Ventilation
  • Ballistic Containment Walls with Baffled Ceiling (AR-500 Steel/Ballistic Rubber)
  • Ballistic Containment Bullet Trap (AR-500 Steel)
  • Finished Interior/Exterior including Entrances and Rubber Flooring
  • Close Encounter Theater System includes AAR/Debriefing Room and Storage Area (HVAC Controlled)
  • Proprietary Reflective Screens - Level 5 Rifle Rated
  • After Action Review (AAR) Instrumentation System
  • Emergency Trauma Kit
  • Safety Barricades
  • Intercom or Hand-Held Walkie Talkies
  • Certified Instructor Training
  • Licensing
  • Optional - Close Encounter Theater System - Completely Enclosed HVAC Controlled Environment
  • Optional - Close Encounter Theater System - Completely Enclosed OSHA Filtration/Ventilation and HVAC Controlled Environment
  • Optional - Hit Detection Instrumentation System
  • Optional - Battlefield Special Effects Package

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Troysgate Instrumentation Systems

After Action Review - Hit Detection - Special Effects

Troysgate instrumentation systems capabilities include high-end, military-grade, integrated After Action Review (AAR) and Hit Detection (HDT) systems designed and developed for Troysgate that can be used with/without additional equipment components to provide realistic simulated battlefield effects to enhance the training experience. The military-grade AAR system can be purchased separately.

Troysgate offers a lower cost, simple and robust, AAR system that is mobile/portable, easy to set up and use, and ideally suited for our modular and mobile/portable training system. However, it is a very good alternative for implementation in any training system where there is a need for only an AAR system.

Military-Grade Systems

After Action Review (AAR)

The AAR system includes a PC workstation with dual PC monitors and HD LED 4k large screen TV monitor. The system provides multiple camera audio/video collection, recording and playback (up to 30 fps) in real-time monitoring and recorded playback in normal and slow motion speed. Ultra-low light sensitive cameras allow for HD recording and playback of video in color under normal light conditions and in black/white under the darkness of night operations. Recorded audio/video segments can be exported as a run time executable file for playback on other computer devices.

Hit Detection (HDT)

The HDT system provides the audio/video collection, recording and playback of fired shot location incorporating wireless hit detection and participant tracking solutions which do not require anything be worn by participants. The system incorporates specialized software and hardware, IR cameras, and hit sensing equipment with the reflective screen that are integrated into the AAR system which utilizes all AAR system components which are controlled through the PC workstation. Recorded audio/video segments can be played back through the PC workstation, or exported as a video file for playback on other computer devices.

Special Effects

Simulated battlefield effects capabilities which include sound generator, smoke/fog, scent/smell, weapons/IED and wave cannon are integrated into the AAR system and are controlled through the PC workstation.

Commercial AAR System

The commercial AAR system is lower cost alternative to the military-grade system. It includes a DVR workstation, 27" LED monitor and (3) high quality HD/audio cameras mounted on heavy duty portable stands. A fourth camera is available to provide perimeter security monitoring capability of the back side (bullet trap) of the training system. The system is easy to set up - simply place and position the cameras on the portable stands and connect the cable connections at the cameras and DVR unit. 200 foot cables offer flexibility to set up the DVR and monitor away from the training unit. The software interface is user friendly, designed for the non-technical operator and intended to be operated by the instructor. Electrical power is required to operate the system and a portable generator can be used to provide power if needed.

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Eye Tracking Science & Technology

Relationship Between Eye Movements & Response Actions

Troysgate has incorporated eye tracking technology; its application, benefit and value that it offers into the Troysgate Theater Systems and methodology. The implementation of eye tracking technology provides the ability to observe and identify what the participant is actually looking at, in real-time during training scenarios. The advantages and benefits incorporating eye tracking technology is the capability to show the relationship between participant eye movement and focus of attention vs. corresponding hand/weapon coordination and weapon firing, and the effect it has on the ability to process information and performance under stress during deadly conflict scenarios and engagements. Through eye tracking we are able to observe and recognize the participant's progress and improvement in visual tracking of threat assessment, processing of information and performance response over a period of time through subsequent Troysgate Theater Systems exposures.

Cognitive Psychology

Eye tracking technology provides the ability to observe and understand cognitive processes that affect behavior such as attention, memory, and perception. It provides the ability to gain a deeper understanding of cognitive processes as it relates to threat assessment, analysis and decision making in deadly encounter situations. With this technology eye movements can be measured to gain insight into the mental processes of the participant during training scenarios and engagements.


From the perspective of neuroscience, many cortical and subcortical regions of the brain are involved in visual processing and the coordination of eye movements. Eye tracking provides the ability to quantify gaze patterns and eye movements in an objective way to observe and understand eye and motor function relationships:

Visual Perception

Eye tracking is an established technique to observe and understand eye movements in how we perceive, interpret, and operate within our environment.

Troysgate Performance Training

Performance training for deadly encounter situations

About Training   |   Registration   |   Preparation & Arrangements   |   Directions - Map   |   On Training Day   |   Contact Us

--- Please Read ---

Troysgate is gearing up to meet the demands of sales and implementation of our Theater Systems and training efforts to the military and federal government which will kick off (end of year 2018) and accelerate each year thereafter. The shift in business efforts and activities will have a direct impact in our ability to offer and provided Troysgate training.

We will continue to support Troysgate training for law enforcement and civilians on a-case-by-case basis. Please contact us to make arrangements.

  • The cost for civilian training is $250 per person - we need a minimum of five (5) participants to hold training.
  • Law enforcement costs are determined and based on training through your local community college.

About Troysgate Performance Training

Troysgate performance training provides the individual with a better understanding about deadly conflict and the exposure and the experience to realistic, real-life, deadly encounter situations. The practical application of each deadly encounter situation will challenge the individual to apply all that he/she already knows - his/her knowledge, training, skills and abilities; and provide the individual with the opportunity to advance and optimize his/her performance and conditioning, and learn to manage the stress and human effects of deadly conflict and engagement.

How realistic is Troysgate performance training? What can be expected?
  • It is so realistic that the participant will be unable to notice the difference between what is real and what is simulated.
  • Our practical applications and training scenarios are based on real-life situations an individual is most likely to encounter.
  • The participant will be involved in scenarios that will place the individual very close, typically 3-9 feet from the threat.
  • The participant will use his/her own weapon and ammo - nothing else.
  • The participant will experience the stress and feel the physiological and psychological effects generated by the challenges of the deadly encounter and rapid escalation of engagement.
  • very deadly conflict scenario will provide another new, challenging experience that will advance the participant's performance and conditioning.

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The Training Registration Process

After arrangements have been made with us to schedule training, we require the completion of the registration form below to complete the registration process.

If you are registering only for yourself, please provide your contact information (name, email address and phone number) in the registration blocks on the form.

If the registration is for a group of individuals, one person may complete the registration form by providing his/her contact information (name, email address and phone number) in the registration blocks on the form, but must also include the name and email address of each participant in the last registration block (Additional Participants) on the form.

If you prefer, you may register by email instead of completing the registration form. Send the necessary registration information to Les Hoot, Troysgate Training Coordinator at lhoot@troysgate.com, please contact him if you have any questions.

Troysgate On-line Registration Form


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Preparations & Making Arrangements

What to Bring - Where to Stay

What to Bring
  • Handgun and Holster
  • 100 Rounds of Ammo
  • Eye and Hearing Protection (we have available if needed)
  • Hat and Sunscreen recommended
  • 8-16 GB or larger storage capacity flash drive for class training videos (optional)
Overnight Lodging

If you need or plan to stay overnight, the closest and best place for lodging is the Comfort Inn, Lenoir, NC. When making reservations at the Comfort Inn, please let them know that you are there with Troysgate and Randy Martin - Randy has an arrangement with them for a special discounted rate. Also it is important to call the hotel directly when making reservations - do not book the reservation online due to the special discount. If you have any questions or issues booking a reservation, please give Randy a call at 828-446-4766.

Please Note: approximate time and mileage references below are to Cheek's Grill. We will meet everyone at Cheek's between 8:00 - 8:30 am before we head to the Troysgate training facility (Cheek's location, address, directions and map)

Lenoir, NC (10 minutes - 5 miles)
Comfort Inn (website)
970 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321)
Lenoir, NC

Blowing Rock, NC (15-20 minutes - 12 miles)
Holiday Inn Express Blowing Rock South (website)
8412 Valley Blvd
Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Boone, NC (30-35 minutes - 24 miles)
Hampton Inn & Suites Boone (website)
1252 US Highway 421 South
Boone, NC 28607

Holiday Inn Express Boone (website)
1943 Blowing Rock Rd
Boone, NC 28607

Hickory, NC (25-30 minutes - 20 miles)
Hampton Inn Hickory (website)
1956 13th Ave Dr SE
Hickory, NC 28602

Holiday Inn Express Hickory (website)
2250 US Hwy 70 SE
Hickory, NC 28602

Morganton, NC (30-40 minutes - 25 miles)
Hampton Inn Morganton (website)
115 Bush Dr
Morganton, NC 28655

Comfort Inn & Suites (website)
1273 Burkemont Ave
Morganton, NC 28655

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On the Day of Training

8:00 - 8:30 am - Meet at Cheek's Grill

Unless other arrangements are made, everyone is to meet at Cheek's Convenience & Grill - CITGO gas station by 8:30 am. Randy Martin or another Troysgate instructor will meet everyone at Cheek's Grill and from there everyone will head to the Troysgate range facility which is 2 miles away.

Any questions, issues or problems on the day of training, please call Randy Martin directly at 828-446-4766.

Cheek's Convenience & Grill
(about 5 miles north of Lenoir on the left at the BP gas station
2689 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321 & NC 268)
Lenoir, NC

Map - Need Directions?

8:40 am - Arrive at Troysgate Training Facility

Please leave all weapons in your vehicle. Everyone will enter the Troysgate range building for a short briefing - introductions, collection of payment and discuss the Troysgate training environment, training and safety. The class will be split off into 2-3 groups depending on number of participants. We have three training system units and will Round Robin groups through these units.

9:30 am - Morning Session Training

Everyone will get their handgun and ammo from their vehicle and head off to with their group to their assigned training unit with their instructor. Training of the first session will begin with the first participant and the next participant will follow after the previous participant's training exercises have been completed. This process will continue until all participants in the group have gone through the first training session. We will repeat the same process for the second training session and so on. Participants will not be allowed to watch or take photos/videos of other participants during the training exercises. Troysgate may have a staff person available to take photos and videos.

12 Noon - Lunch Break

We will break for lunch which will be provided by Troysgate... we generally grill hot dogs and hamburgers, cole slaw, chips, cookies and drinks. If the weather doesn't cooperate, then we will order out for pizza or sandwiches. If you prefer you may bring your own lunch and snacks; however, if your food needs to be kept cold, you will need to bring a small cooler.

12:30 pm - Afternoon Session Training

Groups will Round Robin to another training unit.

3:00 pm - Conclusion - Debrief & Questions

We will wrap up the day will a short debrief group discussion and answer questions before participants head out and back home.

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Contacting Troysgate

Business Information

Randy W. Martin

Les Hoot

Troysgate E-Mail Messaging Form



Our Location - Map - Directions

The Troysgate facility is a private facility. Visitors will be met by Randy Martin or Troysgate personnel at Cheek's Convenience & Grill and will be escorted to our facility which is nearby.

Cheek's Convenience & Grill
(about 5 miles north of Lenoir on the left at the BP gas station
2689 Blowing Rock Blvd (US 321 & NC 268)
Lenoir, NC

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