About Troysgate Training

Training for the Deadly Encounter Situation

We train you - the individual - to be ready for deadly encounter situations.

What do we mean by "ready for deadly encounter situations." We'll start by saying that we do not training a person to be a killer. A person by nature either has that ability within themself or not. Not everyone can commit and engage in deadly conflict and our training will clearly identify whether or not you have the ability to fight back with deadly force if necessary in order to survive a deadly encounter situation. This is what Troysgate is all about - it is about living, survival and handling the consequences of deadly conflict and why an event causes such damaging effects on an individual. Our training is reality and a definite reality check; it will over time change your understanding, thinking and handling with respect to deadly conflict.

Our training provides you with knolwedge and understanding, and simply makes you better at what you already know. The skills, including weapons handling, marksmanship and tactics, and proficencies you have acquired and mastered already exist, and you must continue to train and practice to retain them. Our training addresses what is not obvious - preparing, getting and keeping your "head in the game" when it comes to dealing with deadly encounter situations. When a person's mind has not been prepared for those situations and events, then the ability to make the right decision, to commit to take action, and to actually engage the threat is going to be highly questionable. In most instances the person's action and response will be completely out of fear and self-preservation. We can change that from happening... we can train a person to be and remain in full control of the situation from start to finish.

Training Prequisite

Anyone considering our training must have already acquired the basic skills in the handling and firing of a firearm. This is an absolute requirement because of safety. Our training is designed to be safe, but it still is dangerous. For the general public we may require proof of concealed carry handgun training (certificate) or CCH permit depending on your background such as current or previous law enforcement or military service.

How realistic is Troysgate training?

• It is so realistic that you cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is simulated.
• Our scenarios are practical based on situations a person is most likely to encounter.
• Training will be close, typically 3-9 feet from the threat.
• You will use your own weapon and ammo - nothing else.
• You will experience physiological and psychological effects by being under the stress of the training scenario.
• Every training scenario will provide another new and challenging experience.

Arming the Teacher

Pilot Program Offered

Active shooter events directed at schools continue to increase and escalate at unprecented and alarming rates with no end in sight. Officials at all levels in government do not have a viable and effective solution except for existing preventative measures that may offer some level of deterance, and policies, procedures and protocols that may help to mitigate such an event. The problem is two-fold. The ability to stop or prevent the active shoot event from happening, or entering onto school grounds including access inside the school, and the ability to stop the active shoot quickly once he/she enters onto the school property.

Several states are considering and pursuing arming the teacher as another option to address active shooter situations. Even schools with law enforcement presence on school property cannot respond quickly enough or being in the right place to stop an active shooter event from happening or while it is underway. Every second counts and for each passing second the potential for personal injury and loss of life is extremely high and an unfortunate reality. The arming the teacher initiative is not the "holy Grail" solution to this problem or situation, rather it provide another layer of protection or defense. it is not intended to place undue burden, responsibility or acountability on the teacher, however, the teacher has the most to lose if/when the teacher becomes directly involved in an active shooter situation. Once the active shooter breaches the little protection of the classroom, any preventative measure that may exist has no value... no protection... no ability to stop the active shooter.

An Active Shooter Event at School

Catastropic Consequences

One thing is absolutely clear... an active shooter event will result in the loss of life - children, visitors, teachers and staff - everyone is at risk and an easy target for the active shooter. That's not to say or suggest that even when arming the teacher that innocent people including children may not be injured or killed. Even the best trained and equipped professions cannot guarantee 100% survival for handling such an event, but we rely on them and let them do their job without question or consequence. The teachers' that would receive armed training would be highly trained to the level of armed professionals that would be capable to confront and stop an active shooter. Training would be ongoing and once initiated would require continual monitoring of training, training goals and milestones, requalification and recertification. This training initiative, as specialized as it would be, would rival comparable training conducted by the U.S. military and law enforcement.